About the Agency

About the Agency

Zohar – Beit Shmuel is one of the leading, veteran real estate agencies operating in Jerusalem , specializing in all fields of real estate and property marketing. The company was established in 1980 by its founder and current CEO, Shmuel Shriki, a graduate of the College of Management 's Real Estate and Property Management department and of numerous courses in all fields of real estate.

The company's offices are located in the center of Jerusalem , in the Rehavia neighborhood, on 9 Herzog St. , Jerusalem .

Tel: 02/5663040, Fax: 02/5610147, email: zohar03@zahav.net.il

The company specializes in all fields of real estate: sale – purchase – rental – lots – buildings – roofs – stores – businesses – project development and marketing.

The company's sales agents are certified by the Ministry of Justice to operate in the field of real estate, and are licensed in accordance with the Real Estate Agents Law of 1996.

The company's sales agents were meticulously selected, and are all committed to providing the company's clients with professional and efficient service, while applying the most advanced work methods. Special attention is paid to understanding every client's needs, to establishing personal ties and ongoing online contact, while maintaining full client confidentiality.

The company's sales agents are all specialists in all fields of real estate, and are some of the best real estate agents in Jerusalem . Extensive experience acquired over many years of work provides the company's clients with the keys to a successful deal.

Sales agents are graduates of numerous courses and seminars in the various fields of real estate, and utilize advanced computer system and databases to keep abreast of developments and changes in the real estate market so as to provide prompt, efficient and professional responses to the company's clients. They also serve as consultants to assessor firms, attorneys, public institutions and people interested in receiving first hand information based on numerous deals closed by the company's sales agents.

The company's sales agents use a unique and innovative marketing method (successfully implemented in the US and Europe ) – the Regional Specialization method – a tried and tested method that has proven uniquely affective over many years, resulting in the closing of hundreds of successful transactions.

The Method

The company's sales agents work according to a method based on regional division, with each agent specializing in a defined region. The agent is familiar with all of the region's community services, schools, shopping centers, kindergartens, synagogues, entertainment venues, public transportation and more, down to the smallest details, This enables the agent to immediately respond to any question posed by a client. Thus, the client receives important information before making the final decision regarding a transaction, saving time and effort.

The advantages of the method enable the company's clients to receive advice from a professional consultant who can provide an extensive survey of the real estate market in the region, market analysis, precise assessment of property prices in the region, a 5 year history of properties sold and their prices, regional zoning plans and zoning programs.

The agent has at his/her disposal the most up to date information about all properties for sale / rent in the region, a large databank of assets marketed exclusively by the agent, and due to the regional method, the agent can give an accurate assessment and valuation of the price of properties for sale / rent.

The company's agents maintain ongoing ties with public institutions, construction companies, contractors, law firms representing clients / investors from Israel and abroad, mortgage banks, engineers, financial consultants, and tax consultants. This enables the company's clients to receive an entire range of services under one roof.

The company's sales agents are fluent in a variety of languages: Hebrew, English, French, Spanish and Arabic – so that all clients can communicate effectively and feel at ease.

The company has a separate department specializing in luxury apartments and properties, whose clients include numerous foreign residents, investors, embassies, public institutions and more.

Zohar – Beit Shmuel – the address for real estate excellence